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Weather he's right

Or weather he's wrong...

Winter can't last,

All that long.

Groundhog Day






Limited Edition Prediction Hat (Spring Please)

Catalog > Crazy Hats Hoods Scarves Gloves > Limited Edition Prediction Hat (Spring Please)

Limited Edition Prediction Hat Spring Please
SHADOW OR NO SHADOW! You can make your own prediction with our "Limited Edition Prediction Hat"...Will it be Six More Weeks of Winter, or is Spring Right Around the Corner? This warm hat has a limited edition 2006 TY Beanie Baby Groundhog securely attached atop the trooper style hat. Choose your prediction for an Early Spring (Phil holds a bouquet of flowers and has no shadow) or Six More Weeks of Winter (Phil's shadow on the back). Ear flaps on the side flap up or down, straps snap under chin for extra warmth.
Choose More Winter or Early Spring: Groundhog with Shadow for More Winter
Groundhog with Bouquet of Flowers for Spring

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