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Weather he's right

Or weather he's wrong...

Winter can't last,

All that long.

Groundhog Day






Feng Shui Phil

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Feng Shui Phil
"Feng Shui Phil" loves the positive energy (chi) that these crystals bring into his life. Crystals attract the energies needed for a happy, healthy life. Hang them in the windows in your home or office and watch for the transformations (and rainbows on your walls). Crystals in Southwest windows will enhance love and marriage; Northeast windows will activate creativity and enhance education; Southeast will bring abundance into your life; Northwest windows will bring helpful people or mentors into your life; and East windows for better health. Or the crystals can be hung in any window, except facing true north, and they will bring positive energy into your life. Strings of gemstones, glass beads and crystals vary in length from 12" to 15" and are finished with a shiny clay Groundhog. Not for small children.
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